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The November Sens calendar wallpaper is finally finished after modifying it quite a few times. I hope you enjoy it! If there’s a need for any different sizes not shown here, please let me know via a comment to this post, and I’ll see what I can do.

I wasn’t happy with the previous wallpaper I made for the Sens schedule, as it was a rush job. I’m definitely happier with this new one. This is a wallpaper that includes the October schedule only. I’ll be releasing one for every month of the 2008-2009 hockey season (with time permitting). Doubleclick on the thumbnails […]

Over the last week, 3 games that I’ve been looking forward to were finally released. I’ve managed to play all 3, but that also means that I haven’t been able to dedicate a whole lot of time to 1 specific game. This is the reason why I’m going to give 3 quick reviews of what […]

Green Party Pwned

Posted: 10th September 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Life, Television

Earlier this week, the leaders of the Conservative Party, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois shut out the Green Party of Canada from any televised leader debates for the upcoming elections.  They stated that if the current leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, participated in the debate that they would withdraw from it. Only […]

I’ve recently had to deal with a clogged central vacuum hose. I didn’t peak under the bed before passing the vacuum and sucked up a facecloth. As soon as I had heard something big being sucked up I turned off the vacuum but it was too late. The cloth had jammed itself in real tight […]