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A patch for NHL09 has already been deployed for PS3 owners in Europe and will be released for XBox360 and other PS3 owners within the first couple of weeks of November, according to David Littman of EA Sports. Along with fixing the dirty disc error that I reported in an earlier blog post, there are […]

With only 4 games into the regular season, some Ottawa Senators fans are already whining about fixing the ‘goaltender situation’. To the fair weathered fans, take a deep breath, relax and stop panicking. You’re making all Sens fans look like morons. Gerber isn’t going anywhere. He’ll either be hot like he showed he can be […]

There’s an issue being experienced by quite a few owners of Electonic Arts’ NHL 09 game for the XBox 360. I am one of the unlucky ones who was hit by this bug. I’ve been playing NHL09 since the day of release. I’ve really been enjoying the new Be A Pro gameplay. Last night I […]

It took about 10 hours of work and revisions, and finally the 2008-2009 Ottawa Senators wallpaper calendar for the 2008-2009 season is ready for primetime! If you post this elsewhere, please indicate the source. And thank yous will be gladly accepted 🙂

The December 2008 Ottawa Senators wallpaper calendar is now finished after a week of toying around with different ideas. If you post this calendar elsewhere, please kindly indicate the source.