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I’ve made it to the 5 day mark of being smoke free! I have to admit that I’m proud of myself. I really didn’t think that I’d have the willpower to make it this long, but so far, so good. I’ve had a few bad cravings, mostly first thing in the mornings and after suppers. […]

Quit Smoking Diary-Day 1

Posted: 24th January 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Life
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The quit date I had chosen for myself is finally here. I’m on day 15 of taking Champix and I had my last cigarette at 9:30am this morning. I wasn’t planning on having one this morning, but the urge was too strong. I didn’t feel too bad about it. Last night I talked it over […]

There’s only a couple of weeks left in January (my how time flies!), so its time for a new Ottawa Senators desktop wallpaper calendar to make an appearance! Below is my new Sens desktop wallpaper for the month of February. If you like it and will be using this calendar, don’t hesitate and drop me […]

Still few side effects so far have surfaced from taking Champix, even after increasing the number of pills that I have to take daily. I still suffer from some light insomnia which is highly annoying. A new side effect has popped up over the last couple of days; increased urination . It doesn’t bother me […]

Quit Smoking Diary, Days -13 and -12

Posted: 12th January 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Life
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There isn’t much to report for Day -13 and Day -12. I’ve had very few side effects so far. I feel a little nauseous after taking Champix, but its nothing big. I feel much better after lying down for just a few minutes. I’ve also had a bit of insomnia, but I can’t say that […]