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For your enjoyment, here is the November 2011 Ottawa Senators desktop calendar. The photo was kindly given to me by the Sens organization for use in this calendar. Photo credit: Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images Note: If you’re unsure what your screen resolution is, follow these steps to ensure you’re downloading the correct background: Windows: Right […]

The monthly Ottawa Senators desktop calendar is back! I didn’t make any of these last year due to lack of time and not going to as many games. Though I still might not go to as many games this season, I should have the time to product these on a monthly basis for the entire […]

Firefox 4 came out a few weeks ago, and with it introduced bugs to 2 of my favorite addons: delicious and google toolbar. The delicious addon won’t work at all, as it is incompatible with Firefox 4, and the google toolbar has a few bugs which makes using it a big headache. The biggest bug […]

I inherited a GN Netcom 9120 headset at work. This also meant that I didn’t get a manual so I had no idea on how to use it. With a lot of playing around and some long google searches, I was able to finally figure out how to mute the wireless headset. Hopefully this finding […]