Upcoming Summer Movie Roundup

Posted: 26th May 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Movies

Unlike last year, there are quite a few movies that I’m really interested in seeing this summer.

May 23rd

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’ve seen this one today and will write a review shortly.

June 6th:

Kung Fu Panda. A funny animated movie voice starring Jack Black.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. I love Adam Sandler movies and this one looks just as funny as his previous ones.

June 13th:
The Incredible Hulk. The first version of the Hulk was one of Marvel’s weakest films. With Ed Norton in this one, it should be better.

The Happening. The latest movie from M Night Shyamalan. Interesting concept, hopefully it will be good.

June 20th:
Get Smart. I loved the show as a kid, and I think Steve Carell is hilarious.

June 27th:
Wall-E. The newest Pixar movie.

July 4th:
Hancock. Wil Smith as a superhero.

July 11th:
Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I loved the first movie, and I’m a big fan of Guillero Del Toro.

July 18th:
Batman: The Dark Knight. One of the 3 *really really really must see* movies I have this summer.

July 25th:
The X-Files 2: I Want to Believe. My 2nd *really really really must see* movie for the summer.

Aug 15th:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars. My 3rd *really really must see* movie.

Aug 29th:
Babylon AD. A Sci-fi movie starring Vin Diesel and martial artist action star Michelle Yeoh.

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