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The Force Awakens trailers

Last night my wife and I joined some friends for a showing of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As a huge Star Wars fanatic, I was looking forward to seeing this stylized animated flick. Regardless of the bad reviews, I took them with a grain of salt and hoped that it wasn’t as bad as […]

The Dark Knight continues to smash its competition and records in its 4th weekend in theaters. Over the past weekend, TDK remained in the #1 spot for a 4th weekend, a feat that was last accomplished by Lord of the Rings back in 2003. What’s even more impressive is that TDK is able to do […]

Its been a very busy last couple of weeks. I managed to get married and go on an amazing honeymoon to Paris. Hence why I haven’t had a chance to update this blog lately. We just came back to Canada yesterday after spending 8 days in Paris, and we’re trying to re-adjust to the time […]