I’m A Hockey Diva, Get Me Out Of Here!

Posted: 11th June 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Hockey

heatley-gone Has Dany Heatley played his last game as an Ottawa Senator? I sure hope he has. It was leaked this week that Dany has asked to be traded, and that came as a big slap in the face to Sens fans everywhere.  He was once considered a star within the Senators organization. A player that many fans, young and old, looked up to. For 4 years we Sens fans cheered him on, and in one fell swoop he destroyed all respect that he had gained. From what one can gather by reading newspaper articles, blogs and social media sites, Dany Heatley has quickly become one of the most reviled players to wear a Sens uniform. How did it all go so wrong?

What we can gather from little information that’s been made available, Dany does not like playing for Clouston or his system. A system that preaches accountability, hard work and a team first mentality. By asking for this trade, Heatley has shown that he only cares about himself and padding his goal total. Its not about the team winning, its not about working hard, its about Dany and Dany alone. Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed that Dany’s style of play was to hang around the goal, wait for a pass and shoot the one timer. Not creating plays, not going into the corners, not backchecking, but we mostly looked the other way because he was putting the puck in the net.

We thought that Dany requesting and getting the A meant that he was not only a team player, but a team leader. Were we fooled! That A should have been a T for traitor.  We welcomed you with open arms when you requested to be traded from your other team due to some horrific events that happened there. Even though it meant losing one of the biggest team favorites at the time, we took you in and welcomed you to our team and our city. The team showed its dedication to you by not only giving you a 5 year, 37.5 million dollar contract extension, but also by giving you a no trade clause. The team gets into a little trouble for a couple of seasons, trouble that seems to have been surmounted with Clouston’s arrival, and you want to jump ship?

You’ve lost the respect of an entire fanbase. The Sens Army does not want to ever see you in a Sens uniform again. You’ve disgraced yourself and you’ve spat on the organization and fans that supported you, all because you’re nothing but a talented yet lazy bum.  Good riddance.

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