Heatley Traded To The Habs!

Posted: 11th September 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Hockey

bullshit Dany Heatley has been traded to the Montreal Canadiens! We finally got rid of the bum! I heard from a reliable source that Heatley was traded to the Habs, and in return the Sens will get Kirk Muller and BoB Gainey, who are expected to come out of retirement and lace up their skates once more. The Sens will also get 600 pounds of Montreal style smoked meat in the deal.

My source, a sanitation engineer at Scotiabank Place who happens to be my cousin’s hair dresser’s son’s babysitter’s 2nd cousin states that the Habs originally offered Carey Price instead of the smoked meat, but Murray was stated as saying “I don’t like swiss cheese”.

Now where’s my interviews? Where’s the hits to my website? What I posted above has as much merit as any of the dozens upon dozens of rumours that so called legitimate websites like ESPN, TSN, Ottawa Sun, etc.. have posted over the last few months. Hey guys, guess what? We’re sick and tired of seeing every BS rumours reported on. Don’t bother us until you have concrete, verified trade news (not rumours). The worst of the bunch being Bruce Garrioch and Don Brenner of the Ottawa Sun. I used to mostly respect their views and insights, even though I didn’t always agree with them, but their articles over the summer on this Heatley situation has tossed out every single ounce of respect I may have had for those 2 so called journalists. I’m more tired of the media than the actual Heatley situation. You should be ashamed.

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