Riders Lose the Grey Cup

Posted: 29th November 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Football

Darian Durant

This was quite a Grey Cup game. With 2 seconds left with the Riders leading by 2, Montreal is in field goal range. The ball goes wide, Montreal misses, the crowd goes wild. But wait, there’s a flag on the play. Saskatchewan, in a small but extremely costly mental lapse, has too many men on the field. The Als re-kick from the 33 and score 3 points, winning the game by 1.

This was the Riders game to lose. That 13th man looked to have no impact on the missed field goal. We went from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows in seconds.

But you know what? I’m extremely proud of our men in green. At the start of the season, all the ‘experts’ called that Saskatchewan would finish last in the west. We had an unproven starting quarterback. We were supposed to get blown out of the water by the Als in the Grey Cup finals. All these so called experts were wrong.

We finished the year at the top of the division. We won the west division championship. We lead the entire game in the Grey Cup final up to the last 2 seconds. All on the back of a first year starting quarterback named Darian Durant.

I’m proud as to what the team accomplished this year, and I have no doubts that we’ll get to the finals again real soon. If Durant keeps on going the way he has been playing, and keeps on improving, he’ll quickly become one of if not THE elite quarterback of the CFL.

Go Green. Rider pride is loud and strong.

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