Sandman’s Tweets of the Week

Posted: 7th February 2010 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Computers
  • It'll be fun to see in how many ways Bob Cole will screw up pronouncing Sjostrom's name while calling #Leafs games. #
  • All my websites are hosted on Dreamhost, who are currently having an iPad contest if you mention their name in a tweet. 🙂 #
  • Enforcement starts today (finally!) RT @CBCOttawa: Cellphone driving ban enforced in Ontario, B.C. #
  • So Jokinen and Prust deal to #Rangers went through after a 3-0 loss. Not a big surprise. #Flames #
  • Back home with the kitty. No longer throwing up, but still not eating on her own. And still don't know what the problem was/is. #
  • I would love me an iPad from Dreamhost ! #
  • @twister65 wtf? that's just friggin sick!!! Cyrus needs his f'ing head examined. in reply to twister65 #
  • HAHA, fuck Doucet! RT @ottawasuncom: NCC spurns councillor, says no thanks to buying Lansdowne from city . #
  • What the heck is it with all the friggin fires in Ottawa? Seems that there's one daily this year #
  • @twister65 Yeah, that makes no sense to me either. We're covered for flood/fire/theft. Same insurance as my car, so the cost is 15$/month in reply to twister65 #
  • @twister65 its actually an 'all coverage' insurance.. would also cover earthquake, etc… #
  • at my old apartment building it was required. couldn't rent without it. Same now with my mortgage company. #
  • Back from the gym, just in time to watch the 2nd and 3rd periods of the #Sens game. Watched most of the 1st at the gym, but with no sound. #
  • @NachosAtMidnite Try Tusco's on O'Connor. Excellent traditional Italian. #Ottawa in reply to NachosAtMidnite #
  • @nightswithalice Happy 62nd, Mr. Cooper! #
  • Sens are playing great again tonight. 11 in a row? I think so! #
  • Dreamhost and Ipad giveaway, a winning combination! #
  • is the ice sculptures at Winterlude this weekend? I'd love to go take pics of them before they melt. #
  • I don't think #FF was made to post the 400 people you follow. 1 or 2 tweets should be more than enough for the week. Sheesh! #
  • Hmmm, having Taco Bell for supper might not have been a good idea if we're going to the gym after. #
  • Win a new Canon 5DMKII or $2700 of photo printing/product from @WHCCPro & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Info: #
  • I entered the SUPERFAN Sweepstakes to meet the @MythBusters because #IMASUPERFAN ! #
  • @drpepper A couple of years ago you released a vanilla-cherry Diet Dr.Pepper in Canada. Bring it back! I absolutely loved the stuff! #
  • @SensChirp Kypreos is so Leafs biased; all he's missing is a big blue leaf tattooed on his forehead. Its why I don't listen to his opinion in reply to SensChirp #
  • If the #Sens lose, PIcard's shitty play will be a very big factor. #

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