2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Finals Predictions

Posted: 18th May 2010 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Hockey

2010 Stanley Cup logo Man was I way off in my semifinals predictions! I went 1/4 for the last round, giving me a total of 3/12 so far in these 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. I’m not doing so well this year am I?  Hopefully my predictions for the conference finals will fare a little better. With only having to pick 2 teams out of 4, the odds are that I won’t do too badly 😛

Eastern Conference Finals

Its the battle of the underdogs. Both teams went to 7 games in their last series. Both teams are tired and are fighting through injuries. Both teams weren’t expected to get out of the first round, let alone make it to the conference finals. Even though the Flyers are playing with their 3rd string goalie, I think that they’re the team that will represent the Eastern conference in the finals.

Prediction: Flyers in 6

Western Conference Finals

The San Jose Sharks, and more specifically “Big” Joe Thorton seem to be shedding the choking issues that have plagued him and the team over the last few years. But they’re going up against a young and hungry Chicago team. Will Hossa make it to the Stanley Cup finals a 3rd year in a row with a 3rd different team? I think he will.

Prediction: Blackhawks in 7

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