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Four Ottawa Senators have been voted as starters for the 2012 NHL All-Star game. Millenniums ago, the Mayans predicted that this was one of the signs of the end of the world or so the Internet’s reaction would lead us to believe. Everyone from hockey fans to professional TV analysts seem up in arms that […]

I bring to you the Ottawa Senators December desktop wallpaper calendar just before the stroke of midnight. Enjoy! Note: If you’re unsure what your screen resolution is, follow these steps to ensure you’re downloading the correct background: Windows: Right click any blank area of your desktop and click on Properties. Go to the Settings tab. […]

I highly recommend that the good people of Ottawa boycott Arcane Services (also known as Arcane Landscaping, Arcane Snow Removal and a few other names). The reason for this call to arms is simple: the company cold dials Ottawa area residents, completely ignoring the Do Not Call registry list, and ignoring requests to be removed […]

It appears as though Ontario drivers are not getting the message. The OPP released numbers stating that they gave out almost 46,000 tickets last year to people who were using their cellphones while driving. At 155$ a ticket, that added 713,000$ to the coffers. The statement also didn’t say if this included all tickets, including […]

I inherited a GN Netcom 9120 headset at work. This also meant that I didn’t get a manual so I had no idea on how to use it. With a lot of playing around and some long google searches, I was able to finally figure out how to mute the wireless headset. Hopefully this finding […]