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Posted: 7th March 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Games, Hockey, Life, Music, Television

fwinter2Another week, another few snowfalls. We’ve had like 10 feet of snow fall this winter, with another 1-2 feet being announced for this weekend alone. This is getting ridiculous. Any more snow, and I might have to start piling it up in my garage as I’m running out of room! It’s just crazy!

I’ve been listening to Ghosts I-IV all week and man is it a great album. I’m usually not one for instrumentals (let alone 36 tracks), but this CD set is blowing me away. It really shows how much of a creative genius composer Trent Reznor really is.

I’ve been playing a bit of the Frontlines: Fuel of War demo on the Xbox 360 and I’m hooked. This is how Battlefield 2 should have been made. The online gameplay is fun and exciting, the graphics are pretty good for a 360 game. I can’t comment on the single player aspect as the demo is multiplayer only, but I’m hoping to find out how good it is as I’ll probably be buying the game this weekend.

I’ve also been blown away on how good some TV shows have been these last couple of weeks. Lost just keeps on getting better, and for every question that gets answered, 10 more pop up. So far this season has been far better than the last one. Stargate Atlantis has also been very good lately, with the temporary return from of Dr. Beckett who has risen from the dead, sorta. With only 1 episode left for this season, you can feel the cliffhanger just building. You just know it’s going to include the disappearance of Teyla, and that this storyline won’t be resolved until next season. I was happily surprised to see a new season of Regenesis. Its got to be the best Canadian show around (so much so that Showtime or HBO in the states carries it). As good as the 3rd season was, it wasn’t as good as the first 2. Hopefully they’ll return to the greatness that was seasons 1 and 2. I’ve been watching Survivor again this year. This season,they’re pitting past contestants against fans of the show. Its a pretty good premise and so far this season has been fun to watch. I also want to smash my head into a wall when I see the same mistakes being made over and over again. We all know what happens when you vote off the strongest people in the tribe before the merge; you end up losing many challenges. People will never learn. Finally, Battlestar Galactica starts up again on April 4th. This is one I’m really salivating over.

The Sens so far are 0-3 on their 4 game trip out west. They outright lost 2 games and they lost one in overtime. I’m optimistic though, as they are playing a lot better than they were a couple of weeks ago and Gerber has been really solid in net. It is disappointing that they lost 2-0 (one being an empty netter) against the last team in the league. 40 shots on goal against a rookie goaltender, and not one shot went past the red paint (well one did, but the video replay was ruled inconclusive). All we can hope for is that they’ll keep improving their play and be back to their winning ways before the playoffs start.

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