2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Finals

Posted: 6th May 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Hockey

I did a bit better at my last predictions, hitting 50%. Now lets see if I can do one better this time around.


  • Detroit Red Wings vs Dallas Stars: Stars in 6
  • Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers: Flyers in 7

Now for the breakdown. As good as the Penguins have been, I don’t think that they’ll be able to beat the more physical Flyers. I expect Philly to push their weight around and just bash the fragile Penguins into submission. Biron also has been pretty hot during these playoffs and we can expect this aspect to continue. As far as Stars vs Wings is concerned, its more a gut feeling than anything else.
Some brief thoughts on the 2nd round. I was very surprised to see the Rangers fold the way they did. I fully expected them to make it to the finals this year. However, I did not expect the Penguins to be as good as they have been. I was also very happy to see the Habs lose. They choked big time, and Price was shown to not be as invulnerable as everyone makes him out to be. They are a young team, so we can expect them to be very competitive next year. For the west coast, I wasn’t surprised at the Detroit series. The Avs were hurt and were clearly inferior to Detroit during these playoffs. Again, for the Stars, it was just a gut feeling. San Jose were picked to be the favourites in this year’s playoffs, but I was honestly surprised that they even got out of the first round.

If my predictions are correct, then we’re looking at a Dallas vs Philly final. Now that would be very interesting to see.

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