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Posted: 6th May 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Life, Music

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything that wasn’t hockey related. Stanley Cup playoffs aside, my life has been pretty hectic dealing with last minute wedding preparations. There seems so much left to do that it seems overwhelming. Luckily a few months ago my fiancee had the great idea of hiring a wedding coordinator and she has been a godsend. She’s given us some good ideas for decorations, and relieved us of the stress of having to deal with all the various people/companies for last minute preparations and the day of the wedding. I will admit that at first I did not see the point of having a coordinator, but as the big day gets closer I can’t phantom how more hectic things would be for us right now. We have the peace of mind knowing that she’ll be decorating the church and the hall, as well as coordinating everything on the day of the wedding. She’s also double and triple checking with everyone and all companies we hired, making sure everyone gets there at the proper time so that there’s no ugly surprises for us to deal with. This will allow us to enjoy the day worry-free.

We still haven’t gotten around to planning out our honeymoon to Paris. There’s so many places to visit and things to see that making a schedule is the only way we’ll get to see it all. Museums like the Louvre don’t have all sections open every day, so we have to figure out which days are best for us to go without missing anything. There’s only a few weeks left to plan things out, so we should get to it ASAP. So why am I sitting here blogging? 🙂

This is also the start of birthday season. Nieces, nephews, cousins all were born in the summertime. So we’re doing a lot of running around doing some shopping, visiting family, etc… Between that and the wedding/honeymoon planning, there isn’t much time for anything else.

Erin and I did manage to take the time and catch a concert last night. We saw Melanie C at the Bronson Centre. She’s currently touring small venues in Canada. If you’ve never heard her solo stuff, its very different from the Spice Girls. The concert was small and intimate, which is what she was aiming for on this tour. There was maybe 400 people at the concert, but that low turnout didn’t come as much of a surprise. There was next to no publicity for the show and the Bronson Centre is not the best venue for a concert. It was held at what used to be Immaculata High School‘s auditorium, which doesn’t really conducive to a concert atmosphere. That being said, the show itself was very good. Backed by a 5 piece band, she belted out songs from her last album along with past hits (in Europe mostly, where her solo work is a lot more popular than North America). Having such an intimate rock show allowed for great interactivity with the energized crowd. The size of the show and the crowd made the whole thing seem a lot more personal. I did manage to tape 3 songs (which she mentioned she doesn’t mind people doing, as long as its not ‘shit’ 😛 ). I’ll post them up on youtube sometime in the next few days. That being said, I would definitely catch her again in concert if she ever comes back to Ottawa.

Never be The Same Again

Northern Star

I Turn To You

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