The Dark Knight Still Breaking Records

Posted: 28th July 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Movies

The Dark Knight is still breaking records in its second week of release. It has grossed more in 10 days than any other Batman movies’ entire silver screen run. At this rate,TDK will come close to wrestling the title of most financially successful movie of all time from Titanic.

TDK has become the fastest movie to reach $300 million in an amazingly short 10 days. The previous record holder was Pirates of the Caribbean 2 which took a full 16 days to reach that mark. It also broke the record for highest grossing 2nd weekend, pulling in $75,166,466, surpassing the previous record holder Shrek 2, which had $72 million.

So far, The Dark Knight has raked in $313,781,677 domestically and over $355.5 million in international releases. This last number is sure to grow as the movie has not been released everywhere internationally.

Experts are forecasting that this Batman sequel will reach the $400 million mark at 18 days of release. The previous record being Shrek 2, which took a full 43 days to get to that number.

For a list of other records that The Dark Knight has broken, see my previous article The Dark Knight Smashing Records.

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