Stupid Drivers and Cellphones

Posted: 30th August 2010 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Soapbox

Why is it that it seems like most people in Ottawa are blatantly ignoring the no using a cellphone while driving law? Every time I’m behind the wheel, even if its only to run an errand 2 minutes away, I always see at least one person talking on a cellphone while driving. Its not just limited to one age group either (though it appears to be more common with teenagers/young adults). 30-40 year old soccer mom with kids in the back;  a professional in a company car;  teenager who just got his license. It just goes to prove that stupidity does not discriminate. As an aside, if you’re driving a car or truck with a company logo emblazoned everywhere, you’re representing the company you work for (or own). If I see you doing something stupid like talking on a cellphone while driving, I make a mental note to never give you my business.

We had our own close call with a stupid kid on a cellphone last week. It was during the evening last week. We were coming home from visiting with family. In my rear view I noticed a car that was speeding up and slowing down constantly. We were on a 4 lane street, and I was driving in the slow lane. The car beside me wasn’t going much faster than I was. Out of the blue the car that was alternating speeds sped up behind the guy in the fast lane, swerved hard into our slow lane to pass him, narrowly missing my bumper by a mere 2-3 inches, forcing me to hit the brakes.  My wife and I then observed him driving in the middle of the lanes, swerving back and forth and going a good 30-40 km over the posted speed limit. Thank goodness there were no other cards in his vicinity. We get to a (long) red light where he’s been stopped for a while already, I look over and see that he’s chatting away on a cellphone, completely oblivious to what’s going on around him.

I’m sorry, but is your phone conversation more important that the lives of my 2 month old son, my wife and my own? Not only are you blatantly ignoring a law, your stupidity, selfishness and carelessness put other people’s lives at risk. Yes, you, the 18-20 year old driving a black sedan down Innes in Gloucester/Orleans last Thursday around 9:30pm, I’m talking to you. Put down your phone, pay attention to your driving and maybe you won’t kill or seriously injure someone one of these days.

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