Firefox 4 with Delicious and Google Addons

Posted: 19th April 2011 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Software

Firefox 4 came out a few weeks ago, and with it introduced bugs to 2 of my favorite addons: delicious and google toolbar. The delicious addon won’t work at all, as it is incompatible with Firefox 4, and the google toolbar has a few bugs which makes using it a big headache. The biggest bug of all is the autocomplete not working properly, where clicking on the suggestion doesn’t fill out the search. But behold, there are fixes for these 2 issues which will allow you to upgrade to Firefox 4 and still use these 2 must-have addons!

For either fix, you’ll need to install the Firefox compatibility addon located here:

Fix delicious addon for Firefox 4

– In Firefox, go to Help menu and click Troubleshooting Information
– Now click the Open Containing Folder button at the top in the Application Basics section
– Close all Firefox browser windows
– Next (in the containing folder) go inside “extensions” folder and then the{2fa4ed95-0317-4c6a-a74c-5f3e3912c1f9} folder
– Right click the install.rdf file, select Open, then choose “Select a program”. Then click on Notepad from the window that pops up.
– Change em:maxVersion=”4.0b3pre” to em:maxVersion=”5.0″
– Save the file, close Notepad and restart Firefox
– Once Firefox restarted, click on blank space before the URL bar and select customize
– Click and drag the Delicious icons that you wish to have between the left/right arrows and the URL bar
– Click “Done” in the Customize Toolbar window when you’re done.

Fix the Google Toolbar addon

-Click on Tools, then Addons
-click Extensions and then remove Google toolbar. This will uninstall the addon.

Go to and re-install the google bar

-Restart Firefox

There you go! This will fix the 2 popular addons until Yahoo (Delicious) and Google put out proper addons to that address these bugs. Enjoy!

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