Sens worries

Posted: 22nd February 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Hockey

So the Sens blew another lead yesterday and ended up losing in the shootout. Though they are playing better than they were a few weeks ago, they certainly aren’t playing like they were in Oct/Nov. So if you’ll permit me, I’ll become an armchair quarterback for a few minutes and share some observations and my recommendations.

  • Emery needs to work on his stickside. It seems like all the goals scored last night were through the stickside of the net.
  • We need a big defenceman. Columbus were clearly running us over in our own zone. If we want to win the cup this year, we’ll need to add more grit in that department.
  • Paddock should stick with Emery for a couple more games. He was brilliant in the game vs Philly. He needs some work (see point #1) but I believe he can be our #1. I like Darth Gerber, but he seems to lose all confidence when he lets in a soft goal or 2. That’s not what we need in the playoffs.
  • Put a fire under the Pizza line. They’ve been almost non existent since the Habs game.
  • Don’t break up the Kelly Vermette Stillman line. They’re producing and are only going to get better.

That’s enough of that. Now to change the mood, here’s a funny video I saw the other day. Enjoy!

[youtube Ds6X3rKd20g nolink]


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