Sens comeback to win 4-3

Posted: 24th February 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Hockey, Life

Sens vs PittAhh Saturdays. I didn’t do much… Just the usual weekend housecleaning and a bit of shoveling. I’m giving away free snow for anyone who wants some. Local pickup only. 🙂

I was a little peeved that CBC carried to Scotts overtime well past 3pm. That meant missing the first 13 minutes of the Sens-Penguins game. However, listening to the game on the radio, it didn’t sound like I missed much. We took 4 penalties in the first period alone. I wonder why the refs seem to pick on us. There were a few very obvious calls that they should have made against the Penguins yet they got away scott free. I watched the game until Pittsburgh scored their 3rd goal. At that point I had to turn off the TV. The Sens were lifeless, were giving away the puck, as usual the defence was pretty much non-existent. At least Emery made some pretty big saves. I always said that if you gave time for the guy to play that he could regain the form he had last year that took us into the playoffs. I’m glad to see that’s happening… but its still a work in progress.

OK, so I turned off the game because it was time to do the weekly grocery thing (I swear being disgusted on how poorly the Sens were playing had nothing to do with it! 😉 ). Imagine my surprise on the way back from the store to turn on the radio and hear that the Sens have come back to tie the game! Paddock must of put a fire under them for the Sens to come back like that. I had to make a quick stop at another store, but I idled in the parking lot to listen to the overtime before heading in. Could they do it? Could they actually win the game? My heart was racing upon hearing the 2 2 on 1 chances that the Penguins had. On the first 2 on 1, you could even hear the puck hit the goalpost over the radio. Then, with 3.2 seconds left, our saviour Alfie put in the puck top shelf to give the Sens their second overtime victory in the last 3 games. We were lucky to go away with a win on this one. Hopefully the slump is at an end and we’ll be clawing our way back to the winning form displayed back in October. For now, we haven’t lost our #1 spot in the eastern conference.

We’re heading off to Montreal today to see the Spice Girls in concert again. We saw them when they played Montreal on January 31st. I’ve been to probably 80-90 concerts in my lifetime (mostly of the rock/metal/alternative kind), but I have to admit that it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. I bought the tickets for the 2nd show as a Valentine’s day gift, but I’ll admit I’m not going to mind seeing them again. If what the girls are saying is true, this is probably the last tour we get to see them in concert (with only 2 shows left after this one).

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