blog.dreamrealm goes OpenID

Posted: 7th July 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Internet, My Websites

blog.dreamrealm has now activated OpenID. This will allow you readers to comment on my blog entries without the need to fully register by using your OpenID account.

What is OpenID? Its a system that was developed a couple of years ago that is now really gaining ground. It eliminates the need to manage different usernames and passwords across different websites. You can read more about it on

I personally have been using OpenID for a few months now and absolutely love it. The more websites that use it (and it grows by hundreds every day), the more useful it becomes. I decided to use Verisign as my OpenID provider as they are well known in the IT field for security. Getting and using OpenID is free of charge. I also use Seatbelt, a Firefox plugin that simplifies the use of OpenID. If you don’t wish to use Verisign there are dozens of other free OpenID providers out listed on the website.

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