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For the last few years, a number of people have joined a photo project or challenge called the 365 Project or 365 Challenge. For this project, you take one picture every year and post it to a blog dedicated to that project. Doing such a project has a few advantages. The pictures can act as […]

Its that time of year again. The temperature is dipping below zero througout the day and night. The sun sets before most folks get home from work. A white blanket covers the green grass and grey asphalt. Yup, its winter time! To honour this wonderfully despised time of year, I’ve created a blog entitled Snowfall: […]

Since August 2007 there has been a trojan/virus linked website that has been making the rounds on Facebook. The Facebook emails are being sent by compromised accounts and are usually sent to groups of 10+ people. They also have any of the following subjects: “Stupid video with you”, “You’ve been caught on webcam”, “You should […]

I managed to get an invitation code to the new lifestream service What’s a lifestream? Well its a site that aggregates all of your other websites and social networking sites, like your blogs, posted images and videos, Facebook updates, Twitter, etc… So any time you update any of your sites, Lifestream will inform your […]