the Friendfeed Killer?

Posted: 10th July 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Internet

I managed to get an invitation code to the new lifestream service What’s a lifestream? Well its a site that aggregates all of your other websites and social networking sites, like your blogs, posted images and videos, Facebook updates, Twitter, etc… So any time you update any of your sites, Lifestream will inform your friends and family of the changes. Instead of them having to go to multiple sites, everything is nicely indexed on one website. Its similar to Friendfeed but even in beta, Lifestream seems to take the lifestream idea and make it better. For example, it allows your friends to comment on your feed updates and contains 56 services that will keep track of, instead of Friendfeed’s 41.  is currently in closed beta. However, I have 10 invitation codes to share with you.


Once these are all used up I can probably get my hands on some other codes. You can contact me using the Contact Me form listed at the bottom of the page on the right column.

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