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On December 10th, Local 279, the OC Transpo Alamagamated Union which includes drivers and mechanics, walked off the job and began a city-wide strike. Add the biggest snowfall of the early winter season on the same day and you get a thick soup of traffic and headaches the likes Ottawa has not seen in a […]

Its that time of year again. The temperature is dipping below zero througout the day and night. The sun sets before most folks get home from work. A white blanket covers the green grass and grey asphalt. Yup, its winter time! To honour this wonderfully despised time of year, I’ve created a blog entitled Snowfall: […]

Since August 2007 there has been a trojan/virus linked website that has been making the rounds on Facebook. The Facebook emails are being sent by compromised accounts and are usually sent to groups of 10+ people. They also have any of the following subjects: “Stupid video with you”, “You’ve been caught on webcam”, “You should […]