Facebook virus still alive and kicking

Posted: 3rd December 2008 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Internet

Since August 2007 there has been a trojan/virus linked website that has been making the rounds on Facebook.

The Facebook emails are being sent by compromised accounts and are usually sent to groups of 10+ people. They also have any of the following subjects:
“Stupid video with you”, “You’ve been caught on webcam”, “You should be ashamed by this behavior”, “I caught you on camera” or something along the lines of appearing in a video.

The link takes you to a website made out to look like a video website (IE: youtube) and asks you to update your flash in order to be able to view the video. If you allow the installation to take place, you are in fact installing a trojan or virus and not a flash update.

If you receive such an email from one of your friends, it means that friend either has had their facebook account compromised or (most probably) are infected with the trojan/virus.

I’ve gotten 4 such mails in the last 5 months, including 2 today, so this is still going around.

You can get more information on the following sites:

Or you can just google for Facebook virus to get more information

Please share this with your Facebook friends. The only way to stop this from spreading is to have people not click the link and get infected.

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