Quit Smoking Diary, Days -13 and -12

Posted: 12th January 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Life

nosmoking There isn’t much to report for Day -13 and Day -12. I’ve had very few side effects so far. I feel a little nauseous after taking Champix, but its nothing big. I feel much better after lying down for just a few minutes. I’ve also had a bit of insomnia, but I can’t say that it’s being caused by Champix, as I was working overnights last week and am now switching back to days.  Still no abnormal/vivid dreams yet either.

Today (Monday) is the first day where I’ll be taking 2 pills. I would expect that if I was going to suffer any side effects that they’ll start over the next couple of days, seeing on how I’m doubling the amount of medication that I’m taking.

As far as the smoking is concerned, I’m finding myself smoking a little less. I don’t have a craving first thing in the morning when I get up, nor do I feel like I need to smoke right away after a meal. Hopefully this will exponentially increase to the point where I don’t want to smoke at all anymore.

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