Rapid Fire #1

Posted: 6th February 2009 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Entertainment, Games, Hockey, Life, Movies, Ottawa, Politics, Television

rapid-fire (rap′id fīr′)


done, delivered, proceeding, or carried on swiftly and sharply

passchendaele Finally, a world war movie that shows the Canadian point of view. A powerful film about the sacrifice made by Canadian soldiers during World War I. Written by and starring Paul Gross (of Due South fame), who based the story on war stories shared by his grandfather who fought at Passchendaele.

It could have used a little less romance and a little more action, but regardless its still a very enjoyable film.

I rate it a 7 out of 10.


lost This 5th season of Lost is starting off on the right foot. The 3rd and 4th season sometimes seemed to lack direction but the ship has been steered back on course. Inhabitants of the island are now travelling back and forth through time, having an adverse effect on some of the survivors. Some members of the Oceanic Six realize that they have to find a way back to the island. That their destiny is to be on the island and not back with regular civilisation.

The best season since season 2. If you stopped watching in the last couple of years, do yourself a favor and start watching this show again. Its the best show on television.


clouston-cory Craig Hartsburgh was fired from the head coach position of the Ottawa Senators earlier this week after a big loss against the Washington Capitals. He was replaced by Cory Clouston, the head coach of the Sens’ farm team in Binghamton. Though I feel the problems are a lot deeper than the coaching, it was obvious that Hartsburgh could not find a way to inspire his players. He was a good coach, just not for this team at this time. His defensive minded system did not gel with the offensively-built Senators. I’m reserving judgement on Clouston until he’s had 5-6 games under his belt, but so far the team is playing with a lot more passion and heart. Lets just hope they keep it up.


wrathofthelichking A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Blizzard offering me a free 10 day trial of the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King. This offer couldn’t have come at a better time. I was already itching to try it, and having given up smoking I wanted to do something to occupy my time. It was great to catch up with people in the game that I had last spoken to over a year ago when I quit playing.

So far this expansion is more fun to play than the previous expansion Burning Crusades. There’s less grinding, more quests, more variety and just more fun.  Much to my wife’s dismay, once my free 10 day trial was over I continued to play but just as a ‘casual’. There’s no way I’m going to be a raider again, as that requires a huge timesink that I do not have or which to give.


Quit Smoking I’m on day 14 of quitting smoking. The cravings still come and go, but less often and with less intensity. Every day I’m breaking more habits where I smoked in certain situations. It hasn’t been easy, but at this point I figure that there’s no point to have suffered for these 2 weeks and take up smoking again.

Now I’m just a little worried of what will happen when I stop taking the Champix. I’ve read some horror stories that the cravings come back bigtime once you stop the pills. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks.


andre cornellier Last week the OC Transpo strike that’s paralyzed the city since early December finally came to an end. Both the city and the union agreed to go to binding arbitration. Funny how they both agree to that just as the Federal government was ready to introduce a back to work bill and just before Obama’s visit to our capital. By going to arbitration both sides save face and can state that they didn’t give in to their demands.

Buses are expected to start hitting the streets this weekend, but isn’t expected to be running at full capacity until April or May.

Lets just hope that we don’t have to go through this again in a couple of years when the new contract will be up.

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