Gone A Week

Posted: 16th September 2010 by Luc "Sandman" G. in Life

I can’t believe that my baby girl has been gone for a week already. We couldn’t wait until the Friday to put her to sleep. On Thursday afternoon she started to breathe through her mouth, struggling to get oxygen. The way she looked and acted, she was letting us know that she was ready. There was even a couple of times that I didn’t think that she wouldn’t even make it to the vet. Without fail though, on the way to out vet she perked up, but crashed soon after.

When we finally made it to the vet it was a quick process. They took Middie to their lab area to be prepped. Our vet didn’t even get a chance to finish explaining what was going to happen when she received a call from the assistant; Middie was crashing. The time was here. My wife and I pet & touched her to let her know we were there and loved her. In a matter of seconds she had passed over to the rainbow bridge, no longer suffering.

We miss her very much, and both my wife and I still feel her presence in our home. Its getting a bit easier day by day, but today was also a rough day. Not only had it been a week, we also picked up her ashes from the vet. With the ashes they included a card which had a clipping of her fur and her paw prints. This took us by surprise. I have the ashes of another cat and that was never included with her. It had been at the point a few days since we last shed a tear, but that pulled on our heartstrings.

I’ve been writing a list of things that Middie did and loved that made her the unique kitty that she was. Once I feel like I have a good amount I’ll be adding them to this post.

Until then, mommy and daddy love you and miss you very much baby girl.

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